Tendant Business Voicemail - Designed for Growth

Never Full Virtual Attendant Powered Voicemail

Who uses voicemail anymore? It’s a pain to check, slow to convey, and takes precious time you could be using to build business.

With Tendant, all your voicemail messages will be automatically transcribed and delivered to your integrated messaging system, allowing you to quickly respond and communicate with callers without EVER having to “check your voicemail”. What’s more – it NEVER gets full.

  • All voicemail messages are transcribed – if the call is from a mobile caller, subscribers can respond using our chat system
  • Inbound mobile callers can get further service options instantly by requesting a link to your Digital Business Card simply by “pressing 2”on their handset
  • Voicemail messages are displayed in a visual sequence, allowing you to see all inbound calls in a list with one-tap access to
    • Transcripts
    • Recordings
    • Chat
    • Call
  • Copy/Forward all voicemail messages and transcribed messages via email or SMS to an assistant or team member