Tendant Voice - Give Every Caller a Great Experience

Empower Your Every Caller

Service Callers Fast!
  • Press 1 Call Transfer to up to a 10 Person Hunt Group or Call in Order
  • Press 2 for more “Service Options” (sends a link to your Digital Business Card)
  • Easy to Setup From your Phone
Business Class Voicemail
  • Voicemail transcripts and audio are automatically posted to Tendant Messaging
  • Forward transcripts automatically to others for fast follow-up
  • Chat, Call, View Transcript, Play Audio directly from Call History
  • Read, Listen, and Reply to Voicemail Messages in one tap
  • View Voicemail transcripts right on your locked Home Screen
  • Never run out of Voicemail space
Value From Every Feature
  • Activate/Deactivate in seconds
  • Multiple Custom Greetings
  • Switch between Greetings in seconds from your phone.
  • Search/Filter Calls & Voicemails
  • Add new callers to your phonebook and Tendant People directory in 2 taps

85% of Callers

don't call back if they miss you

the first time

How it Works