Tendant Voice

Tendant Voice provides powerful voicemail and voice communication features that give you a communications advantage when doing business. Features like Call Transfer, Voicemail Transcription, Visual Voicemail, Contact Call History, Profile Page integration, Message Confirmation and more create a better experience for your callers. With Tendant Voice, callers have intuitive and faster options that are far superior to the options you currently have from your cell phone provider’s standard voicemail.

  • Key features and benefits include:
    • MORE OPTIONS – when you’re not available, callers can invoke Call Transfer, request Self- service options, or leave a voicemail message
    • CALL TRANSFER – – Callers that choose this option are immediately transferred to a live person on your team taking calls for you. This gives them immediate live service if they so desire. You can even transfer calls to multiple contacts simultaneously (the first person to answer would take the call)
    • SELF-SERVICE OPTIONS – When a caller selects “self-service options”, they are immediately sent an SMS text with a link to your Profile Page (See Tendant Marketing below). There, they can interact with your Virtual Attendant Chatbots to “Request an Appointment”, “Request Support”, “Join your Network” and more.
    • VOICEMAIL MESSAGE TRANSCRIPTION – all voicemail messages left by your callers are transcribed and posted to a Tendant Chat session exclusive to you and them. There you can reply with a text if it’s not convenient to speak. Your caller also gets a link (they do not need to have Tendant) to the Chat session where they can post additional information or make clarifications.
    • USE YOUR EXISTING NUMBER – Tendant works with the mobile number you’ve always used for business. There’s no need to reprint business cards or update existing online or offline marketing placements and all your contacts now have an improved experience – automatically!
    • VOICEMAIL FORWARDING – if you have an assistant or work on a team, voicemail messages can be forwarded to any of those people so that immediate follow-up to a caller’s issue can take place when you’re not available.
    • MULTIPLE CUSTOM GREETINGS – Tendant allows you to have multiple custom greetings. Any greeting can be enabled in 2 taps making it easy for callers to hear the appropriate greeting.
    • VISUAL VOICEMAIL & CALL HISTORY – Tendant Voice displays all your missed calls and outbound calls with one-tap access to message transcripts, message audio, contact records, and one-on-one interaction via Tendant Chat right from the Visual Voicemail page.