Tendant Public Profile Page with Virtual Attendant

A Truly Interactive Experience for Your Visitors

All Tendant subscribers have a Profile Page that is configured with common service options most customers and clients favor.

This makes it easy for small businesses and independent agents to quickly communicate and provide responsive service with customers, prospects, and business partners when they’re not available.

  • Profile Pages give you a professional appearance and internet presence
  • They are searchable in Google® and other popular search engines
  • They’re integrated with the Tendant Virtual Attendant – this means that the Virtual Attendant can perform common service tasks such as:
    • Ask for a referral
    • Provide referral assistance
    • Take messages
    • Take appointment requests
    • Ask for feedback
    • …and more
  • Visitors to a profile page can also call the subscriber, send them an email, or initiate a chat with them (if they’re available)
  • Anyone interested in chatting does not require the app and must verify their number to reach the subscriber
  • All verified chatters are automatically added as Contacts in the subscriber’s Tendant contacts.