Marketing Made Simple w/ Tendant Lists and Chat Groups

Turbo Charge Your Marketing


Tendant gives you the power to create lists that can be used for targeted marketing. All lists can be the target audience for campaigns of any type, with delivery options by Email or SMS text message – all from their mobile phone. Realtors can use lists to announce open houses, new listings, coming soon announcements, new sales, client success announcements and more. Small businesses can use lists to launch campaigns, announce offers, promote events, solicit feedback and other marketing outreach campaigns that cost significantly more time and money on difficult to use desktop based marketing systems.

  • Easily build marketing lists of all contacts within a particular demographic
  • Segregate prospects by market and other parameters, such as:
    • Areas of interest
    • Zip code
    • Interest level
    • Budget
    • Send surveys automatically to lists – e.g. an open house survey can be sent to a list of attendees; visitors to a showroom can be sent information on specials with simple qualification questionnaires
    • More...

Chat Groups

Chat Groups allow you to get members of a team or people related to a specific transaction or initiative in a virtual “chat room” to share thoughts, ideas, strategies, documents or just general information. They are particularly useful in real estate for teams and for creating a shared “space” when working with parties that help move a transaction forward; no more wasted time with email when you can instantly communicate with all parties who are integral to making the transaction move forward.

  • Chat Groups allow teams to share information quickly. Tendant allows all members of a Chat Group to share files, media, and more.
  • Eliminate the time required to coordinate members of the team
  • Increase productivity by having all information centralized and easily accessible
  • Work with several parties at once reducing errors in information exchange
  • Works faster than group email
  • Chat group members are not required to have the app