Tendant is engineered to enhance communications, strengthening client relationships and generating unprecedented business opportunities.

Legal & Professional Services

Tendant will increase productivity, deliver triple digit ROI, and drive new revenue opportunities



Leverage Tendant to drive new business and protect existing revenue streams
Automatic call routing to billable resources based on caller classification
Time Capture for all communications activity (calls, messaging, email, webchat, etc.)
Maintain billing integrity with accurate time capture for all communications activity
Stay compliant with organization’s billing guidelines and rules of engagement
Direct inbound callers to appropriate resources based on caller classification (e.g. vendor, client, etc.) when their party is unavailable

Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

Reduce organizational risk by gaining control of your smartphone business communications
Maintain confidentiality and control of all company smartphone business communications
Monitor smartphone business communications for effective governance, compliance, and risk management.
Uphold client confidentiality – documents sent via/to Tendant are stored in a secure/encrypted location.
Access business-owned data without compromising employee personal privacy
Real-time access to smartphone business communications for training, oversight and management functions



Drive your team to higher productivity levels
Reduce response cycle times
Reduce administrative reporting times
Speed access to communications-related data
Powerful search finds communications across all channels simultaneously
Messaging Built for Law Firms and Law Departments
Attorney-Client Privilege

Tendant’s agreements expressly state that we are hired by our law firm subscribers as their communications agent, ensuring that any direct or inadvertent disclosures are protected by the attorney-client privilege doctrine.

Professional Conduct

“A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.” Unlike consumer messaging apps, there is minimal risk to attorneys of violating this rule as Tendant’s protocols are designed with this requirement in mind.



Any organization that requires its employees to use their own personal devices for business risks violating that employee’s privacy every time they are required to disclose their personal cell phone number. Tendant avoids this risk by issuing each Tendant subscriber a separate business-owned, employee-managed cell number.

Confidentiality risks

Client-contract information is constantly compromised every time a messaging app requests permission to access contact lists. This allows the provider to import contacts into the app’s domain, even after the app is uninstalled. Tendant provides controls allowing administrators to restrict access to personal phone contacts and data via the Tendant Control Panel protecting the firm’s contact lists from both spoliation and contact record leaks.

Records retention risks

Many law firms use mobile device management (MDM) systems to ensure that smartphone data is remotely erased when an attorney separates from the firm or loses their device. This process can be indiscriminate and can be triggered by false indicators, erasing personal information along with business information. With Tendant, any documents received in our system are encrypted, and attachments cannot be detached to locations not allowed by the Tendant system administrator. Consequently, all a firm needs to do to ensure data are protected is to disable the user’s access to the application adding an extra layer of protection above the MDM system.

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