Leverage Your Contact Like Never Before with Tendant

Leverage Your Contact List Like Never Before

Tendant’s state-of-the-art Contact Database turns your phonebook into a business acceleration “machine”.

Quickly identify, find, and leverage your phone book in unprecedented ways to drive better business, improve relationships, and grow your business.

  • Automatically identifies mobile numbers and landline numbers to virtually eliminate texting errors and make it easier to identify the best methods to communicate with contacts
  • Fully integrated with your phone’s native phone book, so you can update in either environment with ease and confidence
  • One tap access to transcribed voice mails from any given contact providing instant response via messaging in our robust, state of the art chat (messaging) system
  • Immediate access to our unified messaging system where you can instantly access all voice mails and text messages with any given contact
  • One tap access to email messaging – send emails directly from your contact list