Easy to Use Chatbots for Business for Information Capture

Automate Your Information Gathering with Ease

Tendant Chatbots (Beta)

Tendant Chatbots (Beta) allow you to send questionnaires, surveys, and other information-gathering requests to the people you do business with. These can include prospect qualification questionnaires, support ticket information, testimonials and more. Chatbots (Beta) are powered by our Virtual Attendant, a Chatbot engine that delivers surveys in a conversational paradigm which is intuitive and easy to use.

  • With Tendant Chatbots (Beta), you can:
    • Access a library of pre-built, "best practices" Chatbots (Beta) for a variety of applications and industries
    • Launch a Survey, Questionnaire, or Feedback Chatbot directly from within a conversation (Chat)
    • Automatically validate responses in real time to ensure data accuracy
    • Share responses with members of your team (or others)
    • Send Chatbotss to anyone – there’s no need for the respondent to have the Tendant App
    • Post Tendant Surveys on websites – anywhere you can post a URL
    • Send Chatbots to Tendant Lists for fast information gathering
  • Post data capture results to your corporate CRM, BI, or another back end database
  • Tendant Chatbots (Beta) are powerful, intuitive, easy to use and easy to deploy.