Chat Groups for Easy Collaboration and Messaging

Easy Collaboration with Chat Groups

Chat Groups

Chat Groups allow you to get members of a team or people related to a specific transaction or initiative in a virtual “chat room” to share thoughts, ideas, strategies, documents or just general information. They are particularly useful in real estate for teams and for creating a shared “space” when working with parties that help move a transaction forward; no more wasted time with email when you can instantly communicate with all parties who are integral to making the transaction move forward.


With Tendant You Can:

  • Chat Groups allow teams to share information quickly. Tendant allows all members of a Chat Group to share files, media, and more.
  • Eliminate the time required to coordinate members of the team
  • Increase productivity by having all information centralized and easily accessible
  • Work with several parties at once reducing errors in information exchange
  • Works faster than group email
  • Chat group members are not required to have the app