Be More Responsive with Call Transfer

Tendant Call Transfer works on your existing mobile number and is easily configurable from the Tendant app. provide your callers with a more responsive option when you’re not available. Provides live human response without the caller having to hang up and re-dial another number.

Callers that Press 1 are immediately transferred to a live person on your team taking calls for you. This gives them immediate live service if they so desire. You can even transfer calls to multiple contacts simultaneously (the first person to answer would take the call) or dial up to 10 contacts in order. If nobody accepts the transfer then the caller is delivered back to you so they can leave a voicemail.

  • With Call Transfer You Can:
    • Disable/Enable Call Transfer in a Few Taps
    • Easily Add/Remove Call Transfer Recipients
    • Configure to Transfer for First to Pick Up or Call in Order (Up to 10 Contacts)
    • Receive confirmation of Call Transfer completed/incomplete right in the chat
    • Still Capture Voicemail when no Call Transfer Recipients are available.
    • Use Your Existing Number