Stay Organized and Responsive with Visual Voicemail + Voicemail Search

Tendant Visual Voicemail with Advanced Search makes your voicemail even more powerful by providing one tap access to review and response to any calls.

Voicemail messages are easily searchable. To be able to Chat or Call directly from the Voicemail Message list, Tendant Subscriber’s have a major competitive advantage by being able to connect with customers and other business prospects faster than they can with standard tools like regular voicemail.

  • In one tap from Tendant’s Visual Voicemail Screen You Can:
    • Search Voicemail by Caller
    • Call Back
    • List Voicemail Audio
    • View Voicemail Transcription
    • View/Add Contact Details (syncs with your native phonebook)
    • Start or Continue a Chat Session (mobile callers only)
    • View Favorite Contacts
    • Dial