Mass Personalization Messaging - SMS and Email Marketing on Your Mobile Device

Easy Mass Personalized Marketing from Your Phone

Tendant Broadcast, part of the Marketing Module, makes marketing consistently and effectively a reality for any size business.

By using Tendant Broadcast you can create direct relationships with clients, prospects, and others at scale. Messages are delivered to recipients individually so subscribers can establish direct connections with the intended party, treating each on a personalized basis.

  • Message any Contact in your phonebook by Email or SMS
  • Personalize Broadcast content is personalized and delivered to the individual chat session
  • Send Surveys, feedback questionnaires and information-gathering Chatbots (Beta) to Lists of Contacts, such as prospects, customers, business partners and more
  • Drive brand awareness with regular messaging to large lists of prospects, clients, and colleagues
  • Work exclusively from your mobile phone
  • Create and deliver campaigns with no design or technical assistance
  • Save content as a draft
  • Reuse previously sent content

Easily Share Content Between Teams

Tendant Broadcast allows marketing teams and managers to distribute content to any-size team for instant personalized marketing. The distributor of the content can make the content read only and set an expiration date so time sensitive content is used in the right time frame. Your team members can resend distributed content in under 4 taps right on their mobile device.