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Why You Need A Phone Number Just for Business

If you want to know more about why you should not use your personal phone number for business purposes and what you should do instead, read on.
You are going to go use your smartphone for work, it’s a fact, but that does not mean you cannot protect your privacy.
Risk is something that most people are aware of, but few people take action to reduce. As someone who has spent ungodly amounts of money to get a law degree, using your personal phone number for business puts that investment at risk. Read on to see the potential issues of using your personal phone number and the simple free solution to dramatically reduce that risk.
Privacy – Privacy is critical, no matter what stage of life you’re in.. When you use your personal phone number for business purposes you are creating risk to your personal privacy and your career. Below are 4 clear risks that you can avoid with a dedicated business phone number.

4 Risks for using Your Personal Phone Number for Business

  1. Giving Out Your Personal Number at Work The majority of the people you work with are going to be strictly business relationships. Unfortunately using only your personal number does not create a clear line between who you wish to interact with personally and who you want to keep as just a business contact. You end up in a position where you do not get to decide who is a part of your personal life.

  2. Sending the Wrong Message to the Wrong Person Sending the wrong message to the wrong person can be embarrassing and even career threatening. We have all done it and in a professional environment can lead to some uncomfortable situations. When you are distracted or in a rush, you can make a mistake and by having all these personal and business conversations commingled, you create the opportunity to message the wrong person.

  3. Legal Hold Any communication can be a part of a legal hold including personal messages with colleagues, clients, or even personal contacts. All text messages, pictures, videos, and messages on your phone will be collected because there is no way to distinguish between business and personal communications with clients, colleagues, or anyone else.

  4. Sensitive Data Breach Texting, calling, voicemail on personal devices have minimal security. If your device is lost and falls into the wrong hands, there are big consequences for the business information on that phone.

How do You Mitigate These Risks?

All of these risks can be mitigated by getting a phone number just for business in a mobile application separate from your personal communications. We would like to invite you to use Tendant, an app that will give you that privacy with our business-only phone number, for free. Reducing Risk is step 1 for Tendant users, we are going to give you tools to build your network and be very productive.

How We Reduce Risk for You

Solution by Tendant
Giving Out Your Personal Number at Work
Get a dedicated business number to maintain professional communications and relationships
Sending the Wrong Mesage to the Wrong Person
Tendant is a separate application from your personal messaging and calling. Preventing this potential issue from happening.
Legal Hold
All your business data will be accessible from Tendant and defensible.
Sensitive Data Breach
Tendant has secure data encryption in transit and at rest. We can also remotely disable your account in the event your phone is lost.
*A legal hold is a process that an organization uses to preserve all forms of potentially relevant information when litigation is pending or reasonably anticipated.

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