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Why Tendant will be a game changer for you

Sharing your contact details is a great first step in building a network, but you need to stay in touch. Read below how
What problem does Tendant Solve? Go in your phone and locate the list of all the contacts you have made in college or your career? Do not worry very few people can do this, but you can start doing it right away.
You’re going to meet a lot of important people throughout your professional career. When you meet them, you might be thinking about how they can remember you and keep you in their mind. They might need a lawyer down the line, and you want them to want you. Quick Send is going to help you achieve this.

Why This Happens

If people aren’t consistently reminded about the role that you can fill, then they won’t associate you with that role. For example, if you say the word plumber to a homeowner, there is a good chance they will mention a name. So, the question is how do you build this association without being annoying and without eating up all your time?

Step 1: Understand What you are Trying to Achieve

When people think “lawyer”, you want them to think of your name. This association will help you get referrals and avoid situations like above.

Step 2: Identify Limitations

How am I going to consistently get in touch with these people? What am I going to say to them?

Step 3: Review Current Capabilities

  • Personal Phone – Your current personal mobile phone number will never have the features you need to be efficient at organizing and engaging your contacts fast.
  • Email Newsletter – This option is not as engaging as SMS and it is hard to picture asking someone “if they want to receive your newsletter” 😊
  • Step 4: Give up………Do not Give Up Your Career Growth Depends on it!

    This is where Tendant comes in to help. Let us address what you want to achieve, let us do it for free too.
    Organize Contacts in Lists
    Tendant lets you create unlimited lists of contacts right on your phone. We recommend that you create multiple lists but not too many. Clients, Prospects, Colleagues
    Find a Way to Message Multiple Contacts at Once
    Tendant provides ever user with a dedicated local number to do much more then you do on your current phone number. You can send personalized messages to any list of contacts in just a few taps by SMS and email.
    Share Your New Business Number
    So now you have this new number that no one knows. How do you get it out to people? Our Quick Send features allows you to send out your vCard by text message in a few taps in Tendant. This is just a link people click on their phone and they can download your vCard. Now your new number is associated with your name on their phone. Done! Most importantly, anyone sent your vCard is automatically added to a list of vCard recipients.
    Bulk Message Contacts by Text Message or Email
    Bulk messaging means that you create one message that each contact receives the message individually with or without some personalization like including their name. The message is received by SMS or email.
    What Content to Send First let us start by saying, everyone has a challenge with what content to send. We recommend sending out content every 6 months, and increasing your frequency the more you engage with them Content is being sent out by text message mostly so it can be short and to the point.
    Content Ideas:
  • Sharing an article that relates to the area of law your practice
  • A recent accomplishment
  • News regarding a case you are working
  • A recent decision
  • Just a short hello to check.
  • Holiday message
  • Birthday messages (coming soon)
  • Before we get to step 5, we need to set some expectations. This is not for sending out messages to thousands of people each day or month. These are people who you have interacted with and that you want to keep in touch with for professional reasons. Using Tendant is about Quality over Quantity. Remember you want them to think about YOU when they think “lawyer”.

    Step 5: Take Action

    These steps may sound like a burdensome task but in reality, you can get setup Tendant faster than it takes to read the actual article. After that it is just about creating the habit of sharing your Tendant number and remembering to message your lists.

    Now that you what it takes let us show you how to do it. Visit https://www.tendant.com to sign up to get Tendant for free.

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