Voicemail Isn’t Going Anywhere. It’s Time To Take Advantage Of It.

As a business owner, you’re constantly on the lookout for better ways to communicate with your customers. And with two-thirds of the world’s population in possession of a mobile phone connection, it makes perfect sense to focus on improving the caller experience.

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Enter the voice mailbox. Voicemail is a mainstay in the way we communicate, yet it can be easy to forget the impact voicemail has on your brand’s reputation. Here’s a look at the benefits a sophisticated voicemail experience can bring to your business.

Limitless reach. Unlimited opportunities.

Voicemail, (much like SMS), is the only true open system available for mobile phone users to connect and communicate with one another. Combined with software that transcribes and delivers messages through an integrated messaging system, there’s little to get in the way of your brand and a world of potential customers.

Every message gets through—every time.

Traditional voice mailboxes are notorious for their limited storage. How many times have you placed a call only to hear, “Sorry, the subscriber’s voice mailbox is full.” How many potential clients, leads, and sales have you lost due to a full mailbox?

With Tendant , all your voicemail messages are transcribed and delivered to you via our integrated chat system. And because callers get a copy, Tendant eliminates caller frustration and ensures that they’re aware their message was delivered – the first time. It gets even better, not only is the transcript delivered to our chat system, but also the audio, which both parties can access securely to amend, augment or update. Simply put – with Tendant, there is no caller frustration, and a more professional and responsive image for you.

Tendant takes the guesswork out of voicemail, helping business owners just like you communicate more efficiently with the people who matter to you most.

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