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Voicemail Can be a Great Business Tool if You Improve Your Workflows

Voicemail can be a valuable part of your business life if you follow its evolution to the next iteration.
Voicemail on mobile phones has not fundamentally changed in the last 30 years. Anyone can call you and leave a message, then you can tap several buttons to call them back or reply with an SMS text message. These workflows are so outdated and inefficient that callers no longer leave voicemail messages as they assume it won’t be listened to.
The truth is, business voicemail is still alive and doing well, people are just using it differently.
Audio messages on the other hand are extremely popular and used extensively in messaging applications like WhatsApp® and iMessage®. An audio message is similar (if not equivalent) to a voicemail message, with two major differences: 1) the method used to access the message and 2) how you can reply to the message. In messaging apps, audio messages are received in the same conversation flow as chat messages, allowing the user to reply from the inbox. This makes the process of digesting and replying to audio messages easy, and fast.
While these solutions have solved the first part of the problem, they are closed systems that require both parties to have the same app. Secondly, both parties require a mobile phone which eliminates landline messages, unlike traditional voicemail which works for both mobile and landline callers.
In a perfect business world the ideal voicemail solution would allow anyone to call and leave you a voicemail message that you could then immediately hear, read, and reply to – in less than 2 steps.
Tendant offers this capability.
When people call your dedicated Tendant business number, the experience is seamless, and fully optimized, as you can see below. In this example, the caller (Maria) leaves a voicemail message and his intended party (Doug) replies with a text message – all from the same inbox.
Tendant also provides a much more professional and positive experience for your callers when compared to your existing out-of-the-box voicemail service.

When you’re not available to answer a call, callers have the following options

Incoming Call Availability

Send Incoming Calls direct to Voicemail based on any hours or days.

Call Transfer

Callers can Press 1 during your Voicemail Greeting to receive live assistance from a hunt group of contacts you create.

Voice to web (via SMS)

Callers can Press 2 during your Voicemail Greeting to receive a link to your Profile Page.

Voice Transcription

Voicemails received from mobile are transcribed and posted into the Multi-Channel Inbox with the caller.

Additional Benefits for You and Your Callers:

  • Unlimited custom voicemail greetings

  • Switch between voicemail greetings in a few taps

  • Achieve greater work/life balance by controlling your availability for incoming calls

  • Automatically forward voicemail messages to other members of your team by SMS and/or Email (up to 5 people)

  • All Tendant subscribers are issued a dedicated business number on one mobile phone, ensuring your privacy for personal calls, text messages, voicemails, etc.
  • Take advantage of Tendant with a free trial.

    For a limited time, we are offering one-on-one onboarding assistance to all new subscribers . Any new subscriber who takes part in this free onboarding service receives additional usage of Tendant at no charge to take full advantage of the benefits provided.
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