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Setup Incoming Call Availability

If you do not want work calls to ring your phone before and after certain times on certain days, then you should take advantage of our availability feature. Below is how it looks…

Setup Voicemail Greeting Right from Your Phone

Tendant comes with default greetings already setup, but we recommend recording a custom greeting for your callers.

With Tendant you can

  • Create unlimited custom voicemail greetings
  • Switch between greetings in just a few taps
  • Create greetings just for when call transfer is enabled or disabled.
  • Create greetings right on your phone.
  • We provide example greetings, but we recommend that you customize the greeting as you see fit.

    Setup Call Transfer

    Give your callers live assistance when you cannot answer the phone
    If you get phone calls that you just cannot answer, try using our Call Transfer feature.
    Call Transfer allows callers to “Press 1” to request live assistance from your “Hunt Group”.
    A Hunt Group is a list of contacts calls get transferred to when callers request live service from your voicemail greeting. The first to answer takes the call.
    Follow the Call Transfer Flow: Tendant will notify you in the chat when mobile caller’s “Press 1”, including the name of the Hunt Group member who accepted the call.
    Unanswered Call Transfer Requests: Unlike call forwarding, voicemail messages from unanswered call transfer requests are posted to your multi-channel inbox for that caller – not anyone else’s.

    Voice to Text

    When callers “Press 2” during your voicemail greeting, we will send them a text link to your Profile Page so they read more about you, schedule an appointment, leave a testimonial, or securely message with you right from their browser.
    A record of the caller pressing 2 is posted to the chat and to the call history page.

    Voicemail Transcription

    When a caller “leaves a message after the tone”, the audio recording and voicemail transcription are posted into your conversation with the caller.

    How Call History Works

    Call History in the Tendant app gives you quick actions to act after a call. Search and filter by call types and see an entire history of call activity with a phone number by tapping the bell icon.
    All calls from landlines show inside of Call History.

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