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You should stop using your mobile number for work communications.

Work calls after hours and “always being on” are not good for your work life balance.

Using one number for personal and business communications is not good for your personal privacy.

How about needing to give co-workers your mobile number? (The co-workers you would never give your number personally.)

Again, not good for your personal privacy rights.

Let’s, put it into a deeper perspective.

Would you be comfortable using your personal email address for work?

Using your personal mobile number is even more intrusive then using your personal email address.

Think about it.

So what are your options to protect your privacy without affecting your work performance?

Carry a 2nd phone? That is burden.

Only use Slack or Teams? That limits your communications options and how fast you work.

What about getting an app on your cell phone that gives you a second number just for work?

Whatever you choose, the solution must never track you or violate your personal privacy.

Tendant is that mobile communications app for Android and iOS that gives you a second phone number just for work.

100% separation of business/personal communications and data on your cell phone.

Calling, texting, and the ability to disable work notifications without disabling personal notifications.

Tendant has many simple to use features that will make your life easier.

For about the price of 2 cups of coffees ($9/mo. yes you can expense Tendant!)

Get a second phone number with everything you need to achieve better work life balance while protecting your personal privacy.

You have 4 options for your next step.

Sign up for a free trial. No credit card req’d.

Watch a video about Tendant benefits. Watch Here

Connect us to someone at your organization who handles one or more the following.

  • Technology
  • Privacy
  • Data Security
Schedule a quick call before you introduce Tendant

Moving away from your personal number starts with one simple habit. Use Tendant for business communications. Here is how…

1. Update your email signature with your new Tendant Business Number (TBN).

2. Reply to text messages on your personal number from your TBN.

3. Start calls and text messages from your TBN.

4. Realize some people may take a while to start using your TBN.

5. Do not stress, it is not overnight, but its worth it.

Tendant Products

Tendant Voice™
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