Surprising Stats That Make Text Message Marketing A “Must Have”

Text messaging marketing (also known as SMS) is wildly underutilized in industries like financial services, legal, and other professions because of compliance concerns. While this is understandable, determining a safe and compliant path to leverage SMS Marketing could provide businesses of all sizes with a more responsive medium compared to email marketing and other forms of digital advertisement. Any business seeking to increase the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns should strongly consider the potential value of SMS marketing.
Text messaging (also known as SMS) is powerful- but how powerful exactly?
It’s not that email marketing doesn’t have its value, but SMS marketing can complement it perfectly. Email tends to be slower due to the message construction nature while SMS is reactive with a much faster message construct. A multi-channel approach comprised of both email and SMS Marketing will allow you to leverage one strategy with the other, driving superior results.
80% of people currently use texting for business.2
We know how essential texting is to the business ecosystem. Four in 5 people use texting in business. Texting is, quite literally, at the tip of our fingers. It has crossed all areas, from casual conversation to high-level business conversations. It is no longer reserved for simple business notifications but rather the preferred channel for many business people around the world.
SMS has a response rate of 45% compared to email rates of 6%3
Knowing that the right targeted SMS message can lead to almost half of your clients replying really makes the case for text message marketing. These simple messages can be created and delivered in under 1 minute on your phone (plus compliance review time).
75% of people don’t mind receiving SMS promotional messages4
This number is surprising and could be attributable to the personalized nature of SMS messages, and also the fact that compliant marketing requires consumer consent.
What We Know About Marketing from Your Personal Device
We know that 1-to-1 SMS Marketing from a personal phone number is not powerful enough to launch an effective campaign for many reasons. For example, it does not allow you to send multiple text messages simultaneously from a personal number. Even if you were able, consent is required from your target audience. This consent needs to be stored and be readily retrievable, including the date and time of consent approval.
Therefore, it’s simply not viable to attempt SMS marketing on a personal number using standard tools from your phone-service provider. Effective SMS Marketing will require a platform engineered with compliance and performance features designed to deliver successful text message marketing. Tendant is such a solution. It automatically requests consent and stores acceptance from anyone added to a marketing list so you have accurate records.
Tendant Marketing
Tendant is simply more powerful and more effective than the text messaging available on your personal number. See how you can use Tendant to be more effective by visiting to start a free trial. Our staff are also available for 30 minute 1-on-1 onboarding to help you get up and running.




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