Increase Sales with Text Message Marketing (SMS Marketing) – From Your Phone

What is Text Message Marketing also referred to as SMS (“Short Message Service”)?

  • Marketing via text messaging is the process of creating a list of contacts and sending them the same message via a broadcast simultaneously. Enter the message once and each recipient receives the message as a text message individually..
  • To send messages in bulk for marketing you need consent from the recipient.
  • Text Message Marketing is not possible from your personal mobile number using your providers native tools.

How to Leverage SMS Marketing – Right From Your Cell Phone

Text Message Marketing from your personal cell phone is possible with a second phone number.

  • The second number can be configured with your local area code (if available).
  • Second numbers do not require you to have another phone. They can be used to send messages from your phone (via an app) or from your laptop or PC.
  • Receive calls and send 1-to-1 text messages on your second number (so you don’t have to publish your personal number).
  • The messaging experience for your contacts is seamless – they use their existing technology.
  • Leverage your second number to keep business and personal text messaging segregated.
  • Second number text message activity can be monitored and archived for performance, activity, and compliance purposes.
These are the basics and benefits of Text Message Marketing with a second number.

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