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How to get business contacts reaching out on your Tendant business phone number

Potential fears and frustration of transitioning to a new business number can be alleviated by changing your perspective. Think about the opportunity, not the obstacle.
We all know that change can be hard regardless of the type of change we experience. You could be starting your new career or even a new job in the same field, regardless there is a lot of change happening. Forgot about the obstacles of change and look at the opportunity. An opportunity to maximize the potential of your network. The first step is getting people communicating with you on your Tendant Business Number.
So how do you do it?
  1. Make Outbound Communications Simple –Move the Tendant app icon to your home screen, less steps will ensure higher success of using Tendant for business communications. All of your texting, calling, and email apps right now are on your smartphone home screen now so it makes sure to have Tendant there too.

  2. Create Habits – People subconsciously associate things and do not even realize it. These associations are what build habits. Here is one simple one that can get you there. When you think business texting, calling, or email, think Tendant. Just say it 4-5 times. Next time you go to make a business call, you bet you will use Tendant.(especially if the app is on your phone home screen)

  3. Be Proactive – Tendant makes it very simple to share your new number via our Quick Send features. Send the business contacts you most frequently communicate with your vCard. A vCard is your contact details in a format that can be easily imported into a phonebook.

  4. Take Advantage – You have contacts that may bring value but maybe it has been a while since you last communicated with them. Sharing your new number via Quick Send is a great way to reach out and catch up. People are typically responsive to communications like this versus just asking for something. These types of small investments can make a big difference down the road.

  5. Reply from inside of Tendant – When people message or call your personal number, instead of replying from your personal number, reply from your Tendant business number. This way the conversation moves to Tendant immediately and in the future.

  6. Start New Relationships with Tendant – Anytime you make a new business contact, make sure to share your Tendant Business Number (Quick Send Recommended) instead of your personal number. This works especially well with people you want to maintain a business only relationship.

  7. Relax – It is not the end of the world if people contact you on your personal number. Some people are going to take a while realize that you want to use a separate number. After a while they will come around.

Following these simple steps will help you get business contacts moved over to your Tendant number so you can take advantage of all the features available.
Here are some other things worth mentioning:
  1. Every contact you send your vCard will opt in to receive bulk SMS from you. This means you can add them to a list and then broadcast personalized SMS or email to them. So for example, let’s say you have a list in Tendant of alumni from college, you could create a simple message, hit send once, and each contact would receive the message individually. This works great for updates on your career or to just check in.

  2. Even though you may not realize immediate benefit, over time you will look like the most proactive person these people know.

  3. You own your Tendant number, so in the future you can transfer (“port”) that number over to any other provider.

  4. If you do not have many business contacts, now is the best time to start using Tendant because there are less people to transition to your new number. We make it so easy to share your vCard that you will be able to build a network fast.

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