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How can Tendant Broadcast help me create and engage my network.

This is the only way for individuals to send a personalized message out to your network without all the non-sense.
Building a network and creating a personal brand can feel like a job, but it does not have to be. You can do it, just put five minutes into it.
The text messaging features of your mobile phone number are not built for business. Let’s compare using your personal number or your Tendant Business Number to message 10 people you went to school with about any potential job opportunities.
Personal Number
Tendant Business
Estimated Time
10-12 Minutes
2-3 Minutes
Reuse Existing List
Reuse Message
All in all, now you have a way to reach out individually to multiple business contacts while only sending the message once.
*In order to send a message this way, the contact would need to have opted in to receive SMS messages from your Tendant number. This only applies to message sent via broadcast. Contacts automatically optin when they download your vCard.

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