Are you able to answer the phone every time it rings?

Earlier this year, we asked a sales group of over 35,000 professionals on Facebook® to give reasons why they don’t answer the phone. The responses ranged from “the serious”, to “the funny”, to “the bizarre”, and all in good fun. Responses included:

  1. “I started answering even the spam calls and helped a [spam] caller buy his first home.”
  2. “My phone is like a slot machine, you never know who may be calling – $$$.”
  3. “When I’m in the bathroom, taking a shower, have food in my mouth (because I’m not an animal who talks with food in their mouth).”
  4. “Kids having a meltdown… and I have teenagers!”
  5. “I’m on the other line, in a meeting, sleeping, with a client, or having family-time.“ And to be clear, there is a comma between “sleeping” and “with a client”.

Regardless of the reason you don’t answer the phone, “at the end of the day”, it’s all about rationalizing the adverse impact not answering a call has on your business. Let’s face it, you never know if that call that just went to voicemail could have been from someone interested in conducting significant business with you; this is especially troubling if they declined to leave a message.

Some of us assume that if it was important, the caller would have left a message. However, according to a 2016 article in Forbes Magazine 80% of callers sent to voicemail, don’t leave messages because they don’t think they’ll even be heard.1 So that strategy is inherently fraught with peril. More importantly 60% of answered calls turn into successful sales!2 That’s a massive amount of potential lost business! But with 29% of calls to cell phones in 2017 being from [robocallers]3 it is completely understandable why we’re all reticent to answer the phone when we don’t recognize the caller’s phone number.

So we do have a conundrum. We either answer every call knowing that nearly a third of them will be from robocallers or don’t answer the call and lose out on potentially lucrative business. And before you assume that “RoboCall”and “Scamcall” blockers are the answer, they’re far from perfect. To be blunt, the only way to make sure you’re not missing an important call is to answer every call. But this is unrealistic – isn’t it? So what can you do?

Introducing Tendant™, Real Capture LLC’s (dba Tendant) innovative Relationship Optimization Platform. Tendant’s Voice module is a terrific solution for anyone who works as a member of a team. When you’re not available, and callers get your voicemail greeting, you can give them more effective options than simply “leave a message at the tone”. Despite being pervasive, this old maxim is outdated, inadequate, and wholly ineffective. With Tendant, callers can not only “leave message at the tone”, but also:

  • Press 1 for live service – this connects the caller to someone on your team (up to ten colleagues can provide backup for missed calls)
  • Press 2 to receive a text link to your digital business card – this sends a link to the caller which connects them to your Tendant digital business card with all your contact details. It also includes self-service chatbots that can capture appointment requests, referral requests, testimonials and more.

Additionally, voicemail messages are transcribed and posted along with the audio recording to Tendant’s instant messaging module where Tendant users can exchange chat messages instantaneously with clients, prospects and others they do business with. The conversation between the two parties also records call transfer requests (including the name of the person who took the call), self-service requests, and results of any self-service options selected by the caller.

These additional options go way above and beyond the “leave a message at the tone” option found with “out-of-the-box” voicemail. They allow Tendant subscribers to deliver immediate service to legitimate callers either on a personalized level or on a self-service basis. The system is easy to use, easy to set up, and ensures that Tendant subscribers don’t lose out on potentially lucrative business. Additionally, it is designed to help market and brand the subscriber (personal branding) or their business. Subscribers can broadcast messages via SMS, Email, or via Tendant Messaging to all the contacts in their phone showcasing logos, headshots and other identifying monikers to promote products, send notifications, and other important messages. What’s more – even for instant messaging, only one party needs the App so there’s no need for your client to download anything to engage in a feature-rich conversation! Tendant is available at, from the Apple App Store® or the Google Play Store®. Tendant is free with in-app purchases.


2 Source: CallRevu


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