About Tendant - Customer Experience Platform

About Tendant

We listened to hundreds of professionals about their daily work challenges. We took that feedback and created Tendant, a unique solution for small businesses.

Our Mission

Simply put, Tendant exists to help our customers be more successful in business. We know how hard it is to grow a business. We’ve been there. We’ve had success and we’ve had failure.

Throughout it all, we’ve never lost sight of what makes a business special – it’s the people! We know that sincerity and honest commitment to delivering great service is the cornerstone of building a business you can be proud of. The technology you use has to aid in delivering on this promise, it can’t be a hindrance. That’s why we’re committed to giving our subscribers a competitive advantage by delivering a great product that’s solidly built, innovative, and easy to use – all at a fair price and backed by the best service possible.

Our Story

We found that we were always going to a series of apps or desktop solutions to get communication and marketing information, or to connect with others. When people sent any of us anything, our first question was something like: “Did you send “it” by email or text? Skype or SMS? Oh, you left a voicemail – geez, I never check that”. It was frustrating, for us, and the people we did business with, especially because we were part of the 70%+ of people in America that do business almost exclusively from our mobile phones.

We tried to solve the problem by applying various technologies, but the alternatives were inadequate, expensive, and designed for really big companies. There was nothing that was highly scalable, or built for companies of any size, whether it was a billion dollar enterprise or a solo operation. So we started Tendant…way back in 2017.

Our Slogan

When conducting Tendant’s preliminary market research, time and time again we would hear the same thing over and over from business people we spoke to – they all believed their growth issues could be solved “IF ONLY” they had more time, more money, or more people. That’s why our slogan is Make “IF ONLY” Happen. We want business people that use our products to have success, without having to make extensive investments in people and time – just in a really cool piece of technology.

It is our sincere objective to deliver a solution that will help our customers save time and make the people they have more effective so that their businesses can prosper.

Doug Petrie - Founder

Doug is a lifelong entrepreneur that has owned and operated a string of successful online advertising and technology companies over the last 16 years. He is a proven internet marketing expert with significant experience in accelerated internet growth strategies through social media, email marketing, direct-to-consumer, and affiliate marketing. Several of Doug’s past enterprises have experienced rapid growth from start-up to as much as $30m in revenue in less than two years.


Ranji Ragbeer - Principal

With over 25 years in the technology industry Ranji brings a wealth of knowledge and early stage-company experience to Tendant. His background includes not only global 1000 senior level domestic and international marketing and sales experience but past success in several start-ups as well. Ranji’s hands-on approach to operations, sales, customer service and marketing is a significant asset to the company and underscores our stability and management strength.