Customer Experience Platform for Small Businesses and Enterprise


“Overall, Tendant is a great tool for anyone who is constantly on the go and I highly recommend for those looking to communicate effectively.”

Jacob Lee
Liberty SBF

“At Valuxe Rentals, we cater to a variety of clients that need luxury cars for business purposes and also for vacation or leisure. Tendant was great! We use Tendant for voicemails, text messages and text broadcast via SMS. It definitely saves us time in delivering specials to our clients. The voicemails are a lot more reliable than our standard voicemails converted to text. With the broadcast feature we were able to retain some clients and engage new clients as well. Customer support from Tendant was very good. They were able to resolve requests in a speedy manner. They also responded to any questions we had on the fly. Looking forward to the continued business with Tendant.”

Alex Agramonte
Valuxe Rentals

“As a Tendant user I can say that this is excellent tool for my business. I dont have to worry about missed calls. I can either listen to a missed call or read the text of the call which I just love. I also like having transcripts on file. Responding to missed calls by personal follow up or an option of preset responses is very convenient and smart. This system is perfect for a busy person who wants to make sure their clients feel that they are important and not ignored. I just love it..5 stars for Tendant.”

John Ramirez
Keller Williams
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